Beauty and Change

Autumn reflections

Autumn is a time to reflect on things of beauty and change.

In my garden, the leaves on trees are changing from the brightness of Summer greens to golden yellow, crimson and brown. They create a brightness that is joyful however melancholy underlies the mood as cold weather looms.

Inside my home, the days light is welcome after long nights. This small, quick painting of my bedroom was inspired by the mood of golden, glowing light and seasons change.


Ana Mendieta


Ana Mendieta was a Cuban American artist who created performance art, sculpture, paintings, and videos.

My favourite of her works is her Silueta Series (1973-80), which she called “earth-body” sculptures, made from her body leaving a silhouette on the ground, sometimes by indent, sometimes covered in ash or blood or leaves, or by constructing the female form out of sticks or wax.

I find them haunting because she died in 1985, aged 36, and they remind me of graves.


To me her works symbolise a relationship between person and earth, a giving and taking, a mutual consequence, a connection.

I find them beautiful, because often we forget our connectedness with things all around us, not just the earth, but with other people, with families, with history, with ideas, even with the different parts of ourselves.  We feel alone and arrogant or alone and meaningless.

But Mendieta’s works are a tangible…

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